Conference 7th IMDC

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EUROqCHARM will be hosting a technical session in 7th International Marine Debris Conference to be hosted in Busan, Korea, 18-23 September 2022.

The technical session (T.S-1-8) is entitled “Design, Statistical Analyses and Methods Standarization for Macrolitter Surveys” and will be chaired by Marthe Larsen Haarr (SALT) and Amy Lusher (NIVA) and it will dedicated to knowledge sharing and discussion regarding best practices surrounding survey design, statistical robustness, reproducibility, representativity and comparability of macrolitter monitoring and research across all marine compartments. Of course, there are many other technical sessions relevant to the subject matter of EUROqCHARM and at least 7 other technical sessions will be chaired or co-chaired by experts involved in EUROqCHARM. We hope to see many of you in Korea!