General September 6th 2021, 16:00h - François Galgani chaired session “Advances and challenges in marine litter pollution” at ICES ASC


There were 10 presentations and 3 posters. Some of them were more on the understanding of plastic pollution (aquaculture as a source of plastic, a review on additives), and tools to support management (an app to collect data on fishing gear stranded onshore, another on links between research and SDG 14). A lot of the information was relevant to support monitoring, and are therefore of interest to EUROqCHARM.

F. Galgani: “I particularly noted a presentation on the relative importance of fibers made of polymers as part of microplastics, and on how PICES (sister institution of ICES in the Pacific) is considering the future long term monitoring of harm. Another very relevant presentation provided original data on midwater litter, assessed by trawling in the North Sea, indicating that this compartment may be important to monitor in addition to existing schemes. This is information that will be further discussed within EUROqCHARM.”



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