Work Packages

To organize all the ambitions that the EUROqCHARM project has set forward, the work is divided into several work packages that each have their own specific goals, methodologies and partners involved, so that each can reach a specific part of the project objectives.

WP schema

The purpose of this WP is to identify state-of-the art procedures for sample collection, sample preparation and analysis of plastics from environmental samples to define methods and subsequent tasks.

Differences in analysis and techniques for nano- and microplastics

EUROqCHARM will validate methods for use in the monitoring and assessment of plastics in environmental matrices to harmonise the sample workflow from preparation to analysis and data reporting.

The purpose of WP3 is to internationally harmonise monitoring methods and data reporting so that they can be used by stakeholders to formulate and implemented policy and legislation.

WP4 has been specifically designed to facilitate the acceleration and adoption of developed standards and guidelines in member states.