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The Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDÆA) is part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public research institution in Spain and the third in Europe. IDÆA-CSIC is devoted mainly to environmental sciences, analytical chemistry, geochemistry, hydrology and biotechnology.
The institute has demonstrated particular strengths in the study of organic pollutants, in particular, emerging contaminants such as micro- and nanoplastics and nanomaterials, the study and management of water resources, and in the study of inhalable particulate matter and toxic gases. The investigation of the group at EUROqCHARM is focused on the study of the impact of pollution in the environment, food and the development of new analytical approaches. The group has joined and coordinated diverse international and national funded projects on the impact of micro- and nanoplastics and nanomaterials in complex samples, as well as in plasticisers and additives used in materials currently used.

Contact person for CSIC: Marinella Farré