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The fifth edition of our newsletter is introduced by Matteo Vinci and Maria Eugenia Molina Jack from the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS. They are both actively involved in the European marine litter data management working group of EMODnet Chemistry, and in the EUROqCHARM harmonisation process. More specifically they are trying to keep the link between the EU harmonisation outcomes and the global stakeholders, communities and databases. This is done by sharing expert recommendations, by highlighting and filling gaps in common vocabularies, by defining data and metadata standards, and by providing services for data reporting.

Together with other EUROqCHARM colleagues, they developed an interactive webinar for global stakeholders to inform them about EUROqCHARM outcomes and to get their feedback about our recommendations and future plans. You can read all the highlights from the webinar in this newsletter.

Definitely keep reading to find out why EUROqCHARM was featured in Nature reviews eath & environment, meet Elena-Martinez Frances, an early career scientists working on the EUROqCHARM project, and of course find out about our final EUROqCHARM conference!

Fifth EUROqCHARM newsletter

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