Work Package 2: Validation of methods

WP leader: VU

Differences in analysis and techniques for nano- and microplastics


EUROqCHARM will validate methods for use in the monitoring and assessment of plastics in environmental matrices to harmonise the sample workflow from preparation to analysis and data reporting.

Key outputs

Evaluate the practical application of methods; Assess the feasibility of methods application into monitoring studies; Analytical standards and candidate (not yet certified) CRMs; CRMs.

Main tasks

  1. Compare selected methods for plastic pollution monitoring though ILC study;
  2. Develop protocols that can be used as standards for QA/QC validation;
  3. Produce reference materials;
  4. Facilitate infrastructure development across the measurement supply chain, standards developing organisation and end-users.

Key methods

Statistical evaluation of CRMs with Soft-CRM; ILC; data assessment using QUASIMEME proficiency testing and statistical validation


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