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Chiron AS provides the scientific community worldwide with sophisticated solutions for difficult chemical analysis. Since 1983 Chiron has supplied reference standards, fine chemicals and reagents for toxicological, pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, petroleum and geochemical analysis. Chiron’s offering consists of more than 15,000 unique products, and, Chiron also provide a custom synthesis service for microgram to kilogram quantities. Chiron is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, has a UK subsidiary, and operates though a competent global network of distributors. Many years of investment, the enthusiasm and pioneering team spirit of its staff, and a close cooperation with academic institutions and customers worldwide has brought Chiron to the forefront of analytical chemistry

Work Package 2

In the EUROqCHARM project, Chiron is a part of WP2: Validation of methods for plastics analysis in environmental samples and is leading Task 2.2. Producing analytical standard candidate CRM, and candidate matrix CRMs. For this task Chiron is collaborating with NIVA and VUA.

Researchers at Chiron are producing microplastic in selected sizes as well as developing methods for incorporating these in suitable matrices. This development and production will be carried out throughout the project, aiming to produce certified reference material (CRM) of two of the most common types of microplastic.

Contact person for Chiron: Jon Eigill Johansen